The Pathway To Peace

The pathway to peace logo was designed by 4 men whose addiction to alcohol and drugs had been the cause of them dropping out of society and being homeless. Then each on dying as they had lived for between 16 and 32 years wanting to escape the trap they were in but not knowing how to. After much contact and many conversations about their lives and the work Whitaker Foundation was doing: they presented us with this logo because they believed that what we were teaching and the work we were doing – is THE PATHWAY TO PEACE.

We live in two realities, an outer reality of people places and things and inner reality of knowing, memories and beliefs about who we .are and what is important and is of value to us.

It is when we start to look at the outer reality for ways to solve our problems, take away our problem, to fix us, that things go wrong.

The answer to the pain of addiction is not out there; it is inside each one who is addicted.

The only way we can find the answers we look for is to take the journey of inner reflection to ask ourselves question and though sometimes it may be difficult to be honest and not do like many of us do and that is justify who and why we do things that we know is hurting us. Telling us that it is ok.

It is what they believe about what will solve their problem that is the problem and needs to change. It is when we start a new journey of change from the inside that we find THE PATHWAY TO PEACE


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