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THE BUS is a metaphorical story of the process of an addiction from the start to the end of a journey. A journey that can refer to anyone who is caught up in the clutches of alcohol and or drug addiction.
   I TRIED is the story of a man who had been addicted to alcohol and drugs for many years..  It is the story of the last time he tried to stop and why he never tried again.
   I UNDERSTAND is the story of a man who had just come off a prolonged binge on Alcohol and who was hoping that his wife would forgive him again. Of how the situation was changed by his wife who had found information that helped her to understand his addiction and why he found it so difficult to say no.  Of how through the information she had he was also able to make a new commitment to a new lifestyle and to the woman he loved so much but most importantly to himself.
   IT’S NOT LOGICAL is about relapses into addiction again. Why even thought a person can be alcohol or drug free for some time there is still the danger of a relapse back to the old behavior of being an active addict.
  A LETTER TO MY SON. A letter sent in by a mother who hopes that her son will read it and relate to it in a personal way and begin to identify what she has written to them.
  IT’S ABOUT SURVIVAL is the story of a man who had been and addict for many years..He had tried many times to stop and experience withdrawals many times. What made the difference this time?
AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP.  Mary’s relationship with her addiction. The Mary she was then the Mary she became and how she found the old Mary again.


















































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