About Whitaker Foundation

Whitaker Foundation was founded by Mrs Margaret Whitaker who has been doing her own research since 1959 to find answers to the questions "What is an addiction?" and "Why can't they say no?" and most importantly "How can they say no? Since then she believes she has found those answers, and to many more questions after that.

Now by combining what Margaret has learned with the knowledge and dedication of the six members of our team, with your help we believe we can make a difference.

Whitaker Foundation is an organization made up of a committee of six.

  • Chair lady: Mrs M Whitaker. -  Founder-Therapist.
  • Mrs. Ayanda Dlali. - Social Worker
  • Mrs. Jacqui Crombie. - Therapist
  • Mr Peter Russell.- Recovering Alcoholic & Drug Addict
  • Sinazo Vabaza  - Compliance Advisor
  • Mrs Thandiswa Makalima. - Social Worker

All six of us have a passion for working to assist those who are is some way affected by this scourge of alcohol and drug addiction. Whether it is with the addict themselves or the families and friends who in most cases feel helpless to change their situation.   It is also about getting the message to the youth who will, for whatever reason, be tempted to use either Alcohol or Drugs and risk becoming one of the statistics, doomed to a life of pain and misery.  Or become victims of the merchants who will stop at nothing to get them hooked and so another customer; another life destroyed.  All of us have been involved with both the alcohol and drug problem in some way, not all as addicts, but through either living with or working with it for some years .

Our home is in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape of South Africa where as you may or may not know, we like many other cities and towns all over the world have serious drug and alcohol abuse problems.   It is well documented that there is an enormous amount of poverty in our country.   It is a country where assistance for those who have addictions but not the financial means to get help, will  most likely fall through the net and only a few will be lucky: The rest will have to go it alone if they want to escape the clutches of this evil.

There is a belief among addicts that only another addict can help an addict, which may be true to some extent, but there is an enormous amount of information that the addict doesn’t know and it is this information that they need to make the difference when they do decide to stop using. So we have on call the ex addicts and those who have the information to make a difference.  The course we deliver deals with the mental, physical emotional and spiritual aspects of what ever each persons problem is.  It has been used along with the excellent course given by Social Development Alcohol and Drug Abuse program here is Port Elizabeth with  great success.
Having said that, there is much research that needs to be done if we are ever going to make headway in finding some kind of effective solution. The research I am talking about is not getting facts and figures, these can tell us how big the problem is (see news letter) but do not give  answers to how to deal with it.

I have heard it said “We have to teach our children to say "NO" to drugs.
But first we have to give them a reason to.